I'm Mack, and I love writing about cannabis. I started my freelance writing career about six years ago. I built up my blogging skills and I wrote about a variety of different topics, and I didn't feel like my work was making a difference.

Once the pandemic hit, I knew I needed to find a topic that I was passionate about that also helped people. After my experience with medical cannabis, I knew that was the avenue for me.

Since then, I've been working with cannabis dispensaries and companies to help write articles for their blogs. One of my greatest skills is writing about cannabis in a way that makes sense to newbies but still is very informative to seasoned users. The companies I've worked with have found new success from adding my posts to their websites.

Having a blog is very important for any business. It helps improve your SEO so you're more likely to rank high on Google. It also gives you an opportunity to communicate with your customers and let them know the benefits of the products you sell.

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